Hank & Cupcakes “HIT” EP

It’s a little bit Tings Tings, a little bit Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The title track also has a bit of Republica mixed in. And maybe Ke$ha. Everyone likes Ke$ha. The lyrics are a little too tongue in cheek to take seriously, but that is probably the point. That’s the trouble with today’s kids. You never know when they’re being ironic.
“Aint No Love” is a little funkier. It also features Shane MauX, which means absolutely nothing to me. If it featured Shane ManX I would care, because then he would have no tail. He kind of sounds like the Gym Class Heroes guy at any rate.
“Pleasure Town” sounds like Ruby, although the chorus sounds more like Luscious Jackson. “Roses” is how they slow it down. Hank & Cupcakes have too much energy to do this successfully.
“She’s Lost Control” is a Joy Division cover. At least it’s not “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” This EP’s not bad. There’s always room for more of this type of music.

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