Imaginary Cities “Temporary Resident”

Marti Sarbit’s voice is distinctive, but I can’t tell whether it’s bad. Imaginary Cities may be trying to do something here, but it’s not clear how much of a leash I should extend to them. The choruses are generally better than the verses, but when the spotlight is on her singing, it’s a bit rough.
“Calm Before the Storm” is half Ruby, half Phil Collins. The soul flavor (not flava) really brings this one home. It needs an MC, though. “Purple Heart” is very beautiful. It sounds like something Cyndi Lauper would do. Think “Time After Time.”
The title track is a good old fashioned rock song. A lot of people should really be into that one. “Cherry Blossom Tree” makes me think of Duffy. That’s better than it making me think of Amy Winehouse, trust me.

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