The Dears “Degeneration Street”

Is it a play on the Cure’s “Fascination Street”? Maybe. Nobody picked this up to review, so I figured I might as well. “Omega Dog” is the first track and has a lot of distortion. It’s fine.
“Blood” is OK. “Lamentation” sounds like OMD a little bit. A little bit.
“Galactic Tides” makes me want to gaze at my shoes. When they play it live, I bet it is needlessly loud. I actually hear some Eagles when I listen to this one. “Stick W/ Me Kid” is in the Bauhaus vein. Yeah, I guess the title is a play on “Fascination Street.” So if they’re trying to go this route, then it is not working because they are too happy to pull it off. The music itself is fine, of course. But don’t go into this thinking it is going to be 1989 all over again.
“Easy Suffering” also has a Peter Murphy vibe and a wee bit of power pop mixed in. This one might be the best on the record. “1854” is another one that I enjoyed.
I can see now why everyone likes the Dears. It’s good stuff!

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