Puro Instinct “Headbangers in Ecstasy”

It’s like I’m in college again. Little bits of Stereolab and Cocteau Twins abound, with maybe some Club 8 and Ivy thrown in for good measure. It’s a little more Splenda and a little less sugar, though. I love synthy dreampop, but this might be just a little too over the top. Soft Cotton County could teach them a thing or two on “Everybody’s Sick.” The lead singer sounds like a distorted Siouxsie Sioux, but why they are distorting her voice in the mix is beyond me. Is it still irony if I don’t get it? (Of course it is.)
“Silky Eyes” is more percussive, like Book of Love. Musically, this is pretty good. Those looking for the ’80s sound can look no further than “Stilyagi.” The song definitely has a shoulder pad feel to it. The singing is a little better here as well, and the samples are a nice touch. Not as good as Sing-Sing but close.
Popcorn synth lovers (think “Close to You” by the Cure) will enjoy “No Mames.” The lyrics are more Siouxsie-like again here, although the guitar stands out in a disruptive way. Something about the neck.
I was excited about “California Shakedown” because I was hoping it would be about earthquakes. I can’t tell what the lyrics are about because I suck at that stuff, but the vocal quality is definitely a lot better. It finally comes together for Puro Instinct on Track 13!
“Luv Goon” rounds out a somewhat disappointing record. My expectations are always really high with dreampop stuff, but poor production values, intentional or otherwise, serve only to depress my idealistic desires.

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