RIP poker laptop — and the shit show

With everything going on in the world of online poker these days, it is kind of fitting that the poker laptop died yesterday, shortly after its fourth birthday.

The poker laptop had been serving a much more important role of late, however: serving as the home base of uploading new episodes of the shit show. With that computer conked out, it puts me in a situation I don’t have time to deal with right now. I need a new computer to upload episodes from, and that’s a stupid reason to buy one. If I make new episodes on my iPhone, I can’t save them easily, and I don’t want the only copy to be on a YouTube server in a cloud somewhere.

I may change my mind. It is the Internet, after all, but I really doubt it. The show started out as a tribute to Travis the Mormon, and I was able to get a hold of him because of it, and now we’re friends on Facebook. Then it was chronicling my roommate killing herself, buying a condo, breaking up with my ex, meeting my current girlfriend, and dealing with being unemployed twice. Now, I have it all, and nobody wants to hear someone brag for three minutes a day. But let’s call it a hiatus for now. And there will still be occasional vids from my other YouTube account when I see a show or need to tape another hockey stick. And I’ll probably bring back election episodes because those are just plain fun.

A show that is supposed to be about what I did yesterday is falling by the wayside because I have too many things to do. How about that.

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