Agnes Obel “Philharmonics”

It’s a folky female singer/songwriter. “Riverside,” like many tracks on the record, is good but not great. It has the same piano as “Man in Mind” by Ida. I certainly enjoyed listening to this album, but nothing really popped. Same with “Just So” and “Avenue.” They do sound better than the others, but they doesn’t make me say “wow,” either. Just “yeah — that’s fine.” This is the musical interpretation of “Yes, dear.”
The singer sounds like Poe and Susan Ottaviano (Book of Love), the latter especially on “Close Watch.” This one is my favorite. It seems that when she tries to do less that everything turns out a lot better.
The last track is “On Powdered Ground,” but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with skiing. Bits of PJ Harvey and Rasputina can be overheard here, but it’s subtle. This record isn’t bad, but it’s uninspired.

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