Esben and the Witch “Violet Cries”

They do the British Siouxsie and the Banshees thing, maybe with a little more guitar yet also a little more ethereal, Cocteau Twins style. The opening track, “Argyria,” might be about a country whose major exports are ugly socks and sweaters, but it’s hard to say because there aren’t any discernible lyrics until nearly four minutes have passed.
“Light Streams” is slightly cheerier and exposes their roots. This same song done by Americans would be downright depressing. The percussion is mixed a little higher, and it stands out among the slow tempo. This one sounds more like Cocteau Twins as well.
Fans of reverb and occasional haunting male backing vox will like “Chorea.” The sound is tinnier, but this seems to be intentional. It’s definitely music that belongs in a warehouse because of how it would it would echo. The song possesses me with an urge to buy vinyl.
The other song that accurately represents this record is “Eumenides.” You get a good mix of singing and accompaniment here. No Groupon necessary.

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