La Sera “La Sera”

These songs are all really short. It’s like someone made a CliffsNotes (that’s how they spell it now — look it up) version of a Cocteau Twins record. This is like those 100-calorie packs of Oreos you can buy that cost more than a whole box of Oreos but apparently help you when you can’t make your own decisions about what you want to eat.
“Beating Heart” is the first track and a pretty good way to understand what La Sera can bear. “You’re Going to Cry” is a nice track, but the bridge is mixed a little louder than one would expect.
Fans of the Softies and twee in general will melt into the floor when they hear “I Promise You.” It’s a good thing a pen isn’t nearby, because I’d sign my life away right now. “Hold” is also similar in style. Good stuff. Jen Sbragia would be proud.
“Devils Hearts Grow Gold” has a rhythm similar to a lot of Everclear songs, although of course the lyrics are completely different. But the bassline is the same as “I Will Write You a New Song,” er, I mean, “I Will Buy You a New Life.”
This record is a lot of fun, and I hope they come to the South Bay soon, headlining a Grand Fanali Presents bill at Nickel City.

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