Lykke Li “Wounded Rhymes”

Like a steal in the NFL Draft, this record fell to me, and unfortunately I’m just now retrieving it from the black hole known as “the stack of stuff to review.” Sorry, KSCU. You shouldn’t have let it come to this.
Lykke Li? Great stuff? Record of the year? Yes, yes, and yes. It’s the same story on her second album, Wounded Rhymes, as it was on Youth Novels. The similarly named “Youth Knows No Pain” leads off and is freakin’ awesome.
That everything old is new again is super action cool. “Love Out of Lust” has hints of Kate Bush, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Book of Love throughout. It’s like drinking a rose wine. “Get Some” makes me want to. I bet this one is a single. It’s fine, but there’s too much going on. It sounds like if Gigi dropped the ’60s facade.
“Sadness Is a Blessing” slows it down and better have been played at proms everywhere. “Jerome” is another winner of a track. It makes me think of East Jerome in the Sims Online, even though I never lived there. This one is like a less-melodic version of Tilly and the Wall, replete with what sounds a bit like tap-dancing percussion.

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