Radiohead “The King of Limbs”

When experienced bands go off in a new direction, they don’t tend to pick the flavor of the month. More often they find another style of music that came of age at the same time they did. Such seems to be the case on The King of Limbs. “Bloom” is the first track, and it reminds me of the same thing Beck did in the late ’90s — that is, go after psychedelic dance music. Some kids called it “trip hop,” but this is too fast to be considered that. It just has a driving dance beat with changing tempo and eerie synths. And it’s not like Radiohead didn’t already make you want to drop acid anyway.
“Little by Little” has a melody that is distinctly Radiohead while still experimenting with this mind-altering phase they’re going through. It’s very light and crisp, like a lemon-lime soda. Also good is “Lotus Flower.”
If you want something a little slower and with pretty backing vocals, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than “Give Up the Ghost.” I think Radiohead really enjoyed putting this record together. Sometimes it’s a small aspect of your sound that helps you make it, and then you’re stuck with performing to that standard for the rest of your successful career. Good for them.

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