Elliott Smith “An Introduction to…”

No one picked this one up, which of course is just the sign of the times. Today’s college students have no reason to know who Elliott Smith is. He is from Portland, so I figured I might as well save the record from whatever we call the reject pile these days. I don’t give a shit about Jethro Tull, so I imagine it’s the same thing. Three cheers to Kill Rock Stars for putting this out.
At any rate, Smith died when he was 34, right around when we began to invade Iraq. Like a lot of Portland residents, he was depressed and drank a lot. And like a lot of Portland residents, he made music. This record should explain the rest.
“Waltz #2 (XO)” is a waltz. It sounds like any other mid-’90s “alternative rock” song with 25% of the beats missing. “Alameda” is not about the city in California, or is it? This one has haunting background vocals that you’re sure to enjoy.
Also good is “Last Call,” which is even more depressing than most of his other efforts. If you can handle it, it’s great stuff. Put the knife down. Don’t even be in the same room as it.
The vocals are mixed a little higher on “Twilight,” which has nothing to do with the movie or the KSCU DJ. These louder vocals give you louder backing vocals as well, and all told it makes for a better song.
The last track is the single version of “Happiness.” This might be the one to help you identify with Smith the most. It takes a lot of the melancholy characteristics of his music and puts them all in the same song.

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