Ursa Minor “Showface”

Unimaginative but passable female modern rock. When your boyfriend says “no more Pretenders” you can double-cross him by playing Ursa Minor instead. “Lead & I Will Follow” won’t become the new introduction to The Rush Limbaugh Show, but it still provides an excuse to drink iced tea you made on your balcony on a cool summer afternoon. Global warming, my ass.
“Guerilla” is better in the singing quality department. I’m placing the fault on the musicians as to why this record isn’t better. Michelle Casillas sings just fine on these tracks.
I can always listen to “Always Someone.” The guitar picks up a bit on this one. It can stand on its own. “No Other” is like no other. It’s OK. The guitar is best on this one. The lyrics depend too much on a chorus that runs a bit flat.
It would be so awesome if “Come to Me” were like “Come to Butt-head,” but it isn’t. More of an Alannah Myles feeling here.
The Chrissie Hynde comparisons peak with “What Good Is a Song.” This one gets it right, in that it focuses on the vocals. Not bad at all.

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