Maria Taylor “Overlook”

I used to live on Overlook Avenue in Hayward, so this is the perfect CD for me to review. You get more of the same from Azure Ray’s better half. The percussion is mixed a little higher on “Masterplan,” but that doesn’t make it a rock song.
“Like It Does” could be a Neko Case cover, musically. It also reminds me of Mazzy Star and Innocence Mission. Nice company to be in. Something in the classic Azure Ray/Maria Taylor vein is “Idle Mind.” I have a special appreciation for this one because my last name is “Edelman,” and people used to call me “Idle Mind.” Well, some did.
The other track I can really get behind is “This Could Last a Lifetime.” Little bits of Kate Bush leak out in this one. Absolutely love this record. In the battle of Taylors, Maria once again kicks James’s ass.

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