Firehorse “And So They Ran Faster …”

Musically it reminds me of Ruby, but the vocals are less crazy. So we’re on the road to Portishead, but it’s more mainstream sounding than that. “She’s a River” focuses on singer Leah Siegel, and she holds up her end of the bargain.
Just in time for Halloween, “Only the Birds” is slightly haunting. The backing vocals during the chorus of “Machete Gang Holiday” is captivating. This is the best song on the record.
“Puppet” is more of the same. There is a desire here to rock a little bit. The downtempo style is hard to ignore, apparently. The last track is “Baby Bird.” It’s slightly psychedelic. They sound like Twigs here. The album as a whole is OK, but the tracks are needlessly long so even when there’s only nine of them it’s easy to get bored.

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