International Waters “1994”

It’s an EP. The title track is first. The drums are mixed very strangely, especially if you have misophonia. “I’m in Love With the Oni Gallery” is much more innocuous than being in love with the onani gallery. I like the strings.
“Do I Ever Get So Shy (Murphy)” has an organ and really brightens my day. I really like this one. Unfortunately, “Goodbye, Never Be” is a mixed up mess. The strings are shrill, the guitar is too high, and the vocals are off key. The only part in which the music works is during the bridge.
The last track is “Green Lights Forever,” a song title that really hits home with me. The song is also well-synchronized, a must for hitting several green lights in succession. It’s a little long, but it’s a good track.

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    joe Says:

    its not an ep, you probably got a sampler.

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