Kevin Devine “Between the Concrete & Clouds”

I’ve been a passive fan of Kevin Devine for eight years, when I was reviewing “Circle Gets the Square” for another website, and it was the only record that month that my ex-girlfriend liked.
The sound has kept up with the times, and Devine still knows how to bring it, even if he has to wear a back brace to do it effectively in his old age. “Off Screen” has all the melody you would expect.
Looking for a waltz? “Sleepwalking Through My Life” is as easy as 1-2-3. He sounds like Michael Penn’s “Someone to Dance With” on the title track. This one is a little slicker than the rest but good nonetheless.
“A Story, a Sneak,” is not about the quarterback going for it on 4th and 1. It has a Matthew Sweet feel to it. The last track is “I Used to Be Someone.” When you’ve been in the biz as long as this guy, you can’t sing stuff like this because people will believe it. The song itself is OK. The guitar makes you feel as if it is building toward something, and with it being nearly six minutes long, it seems plausible. However, the song stays stuck in neutral the whole time. What was it waiting for?
Devine fans will like the album, but it won’t attract any new followers.

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