Dreamers of the Ghetto “Enemy/Lover”

I don’t understand the band’s name, and I’ll try not to be offended by it, because I don’t have enough information about it to be objective. What I do know is that the lead singer sounds like Bruce Springsteen. “State of a Dream” has all kinds of music going on at the same time, and it all adds up to a pretty standard rock song for a pretty standard rock band.
Good male-male harmonies dominate “Regulator.” The synths during the chorus are a nice touch as well. “Phone Call” is more of the same, among the better tracks. It has an early ’90s feel.
The other track I like is “Night Hawks.” The chords provide a nice hook, and the chorus reminds me of Siouxsie and the Banshees, of all things.
Although not generally my cup of tea, I can get behind this act.

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