The Good Natured “Skeleton”

This act reminds me of Baxter: vaguely industrial with a female lead singer that doesn’t hide her British accent. “Your Body Is a Machine” reminds me a bit of Dubstar as well. So electronic Britpop it is, for you pigeon-holers out there. I love it. It’s not trippy, like Portishead. It’s much more like Lush.
“Wolves” is more ’80s in sound at the beginning, like Berlin, before regressing into Metro Station-type vocals. However, there are also parts that remind me of Men Without Hats’ “Moonbeam.” High praise, indeed.
Although songwriting isn’t generally the strength of these types of acts, “Prisoner” throws a bone to those who want mildly thought-provoking lyrics. You’re better off focusing on the music with this genre, though. That’s why it exists.
The last track is a remix of “Skeleton.” I prefer it to the original version. This one is for Republica and Sahara Hotnights fans. I know a few of those are left.
I’m pretty crazy about this one. I hope we get more of their stuff in.

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