Cloud Control “Bliss Release”

My grandma is Japanese, so this band’s name makes me giggle. At any rate, they’re just another indie rock band with an emphasis on ’70s-style power pop. “Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)” reminds me vocally of Catherine Wheel’s “Judy Staring at the Sun.”
I’m a sucker for simple hooks, and Cloud Control thrives on them, so similar to eating Psycho Donuts all day, I’m enjoying “Death Cloud.” The intro gets your attention and then the guitar before the first verse calms you down and gets you ready to rock out.
Blue Skies for Black Hearts and Edwyn Collins fans alike will appreciate “Gold Canary.” This might be the best track on the record. The female backing vocals on “Just for Now” make this a better track. Not only does it sound good, if you listen to the lyrics, her singing provides a lot of credibility to it.
The other track I like is “Hollow Drums.” It has the folk sensibility of a James Taylor or Paul Simon song but with those same female backing vocals. Hooray for that.

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