The She’s “Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer”

Bits of twee pop and ’60s girl group harmonies here. Sort of a Beat Happening meets The Pipettes, I guess. On tracks such as “Running” you can’t help but relax and listen to a new act doing the same thing with a time-honored musical style. I absolutely love this.
“Picture of Houses” is even more amazing than the other tracks. The guitar reminds me of All Girl Summer Fun Band, but there is enough of a rock edge to deepen the texture of the song overall.
If you want something a little more power pop, try “Fabian.” Although it’s still distinctly “The She’s,” the sound is noticeably a departure from the other tracks. Perhaps inspired by recent biopic “The Runaways,” “Kids of Rock” has a bit more energy. The first half of this album is quite traditional, and the second half seems to show what else the band is capable of. I can’t help but wonder what will be in store for them.

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