Grace Woodroofe “Always Want”

The quick description is that Grace Woodroofe is an Australian Adele who doesn’t chain smoke. Same wise-beyond-her-years voice and all that. So there’s definitely an opportunity for her to make it.
“I’ve Handled Myself Wrong” is the first track and sounds like the Laura Gibson record I just reviewed. It’s that kind of week, I guess. Also in this vein is “Transformer.” All the songs do sort of sound the same, but she’s still new at this, so I can cut her some slack.
If you wanted to listen to Portishead without feeling like you had to take drugs to enjoy it, then “Oh My God” does the trick. Vocally it is very similar to “All Mine,” but the accompaniment is much more comforting.
The title track sounds like Fiona Apple mixed with a little Jennifer Trynin. The last track is “Quicksand.” This album really flies by. That must be a good thing. At any rate, “Quicksand” provides some promise and has some male backing vocals to provide some needed texture. This is a pretty good effort, from front to back.

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