Justin Robinson and the Mary Annettes “Bones for Tinder”

I’ll admit my ignorance of not knowing a thing about Justin Robinson. Apparently he came to power as part of Carolina Chocolate Drops, a band name that’s hard to get away with. In any case, on tracks such as “Bright Diamonds,” you get some folky, stringy stuff with female backing vocals. It’s very good singing, writing, and music with none of the pretense you tend to hear these days.
“Butcher Bird” is fine. I really like “Nemesis or Me!” The strings are similar to Julie Choi’s “Sorry Song,” although the melody does unfortunately remind you of Plain White T’s “Hey Delilah” from time to time.
A good story accompanies “Vultures.” Musically this would work better in a rockabilly style. It sounds kind of restrained as is, especially the drummer, who seems poised to go off at any moment but can’t because of how the song is composed.
“The Phil Spectors” is more accessible, commercially. The vocals are mixed a little bit higher, and the strings don’t compete with the rest of the song. Although I wouldn’t expect to hear it on a Top 40 radio station anytime soon, this would sneak into a Triple AAA format fairly well.

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