Black Bananas “Rad Times Xpress IV”

I wonder whether these guys are inspired by Black Grape, because, well, that would be pretty clever. I’m going to take that liberty. There are a lot of similarities between the two. It’s odd, though, because you would never eat just one grape, yet how often do you eat more than one banana? These guys are musicians, not pedants, so I will just have to move on, I guess.
“It’s Cool” sounds exactly like the cover art. The whole album does, really. Jennifer Herrema even sounds like a cross between Shaun Ryder, Don Henley, and Mick Jagger. And I don’t mean a female version of them. I mean, she sounds like them. This band has no reason to become kind of a big deal.
If you want something with a little more soul, “Acid Song” gets the job done. There’s a wee bit of estrogen in this song, but nothing too noticeable. I think my girlfriend thinks these are all dudes.
I really like “RTX Go Go.” It reminds me of Len. Remember them? This song really steals my sunshine. It’s odd, because when Damone got shitty, it was when they tried to do this sound. They must have just sucked at it, because Black Bananas does it right.
“Rad Times” probably sounds good live. In fact, this could serve as a theme of sorts. Can’t you picture them playing this at the beginning of every set? I also like “Foxy Playground.”
If you liked the Party Posse, you’ll like “Nightwalker.” The same vocal effects are used, and even Milhouse can be sexy then. This is definitely a good album for hipsters that still wear trucker hats even though they “know they’re not cool anymore.”

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