Pink Mink “Pink Mink”

Let’s just skip the formalities: Pink Mink should open for Wild Flag when they go on a nationwide tour. That’s where they belong. I bet they’re upset that the Runaways movie came out because now everyone thinks they’re just copying them, but it’s obvious they’ve been at it for longer than that.
“Earthquake on the Loose” has similar guitar to Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy” and David Bowie’s “Modern Love.” Vocally, there is a definite Pat Benatar/Joan Jett vibe. If you want something a little slower, as in a ’60s vibe, “End of the World Delight” is for you. Not generally crazy about namedropping, but you get to hear about Jett, Lydia Lunch and John Waters movies. You get license to do that when you cut a record, so who am I to say you can’t do it?
Fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves will like “Seekin’ Scott Seekins.” This one is a lot of fun. The other track I like is “Shot Down.” It’s a straightforward rock song. Gimme a beer.

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