Circle “The Middle”

This trio is from Sydney and play piano-heavy indie rock. The title track is first and is fitting, in that something in the middle is likely less offensive. Male vocals complement the piano, and female backing vocals garnish the meal.
“Gorgeous” is just that. The female vocals are still not leading, but the la-la’s are infectious and sound like a childlike Cocteau Twins. Even the male falsettos are something else. I absolutely love this one.
The pianos become synths on “Hold” and have a Spandau Ballet feel. The ’80s feel is undeniable, and the result is another winner. “Half Race Girls” is kind of awesome because it is about mixed race women. I guess in Australia they call them that there. The ’80s style continues with bits of Belle and Sebastian and random progginess thrown in. It’s remarkable.
Modern synths infiltrate “Ready to Dance,” but it still has a distinctive retro sound, with Rebecca Shave sounding like Gloria Loring here. This whole album is rather amazing. I hope they tour locally.

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