Lux “We Are Not the Same”

This is what I’m talking about. When I hear songs such as “The Window” I am reminded that you can have synths and other fun programming, a la Book of Love, without anyone getting hurt. The backing vocals in the chorus are ethereal and can’t help but put a smile on your face.
“Little Cripple” may not have the most politically correct name, but the accompaniment has enough of a gothic edge to it that it makes me want to dance around a room with my hands behind my back.
If you want something more trance-like, “Cachexia” is more than a cereal served at Coachella. This one could end up on a movie soundtrack. I think of Cocteau Twins when I hear “1000 Airwaves,” specifically “Cherry Coloured Funk.”
The last track is “Blackout” and, after nearly three minutes of silence, really sends you off in a good way. It’s hard to believe this pair has only been collaborating for two years. Hopefully they will stick together for many, many more.

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