Is/Is “III”

About a year ago I reviewed “This Happening,” an EP. Now I finally get the full length. Three tracks stand out. The first one is “Shadow.” The guitar is your standard indie rock fare that sounds good when you see the band live. It is sort of weird that the song ends in a fade, though, because usually strong guitar songs have rockin’ finishes.
The fuzzy guitar in “Hate Smile” takes me back to the mid-’90s. I hope it does for you, too. Even though it’s an all-female band, this track has me thinking of the male-dominated Catherine Wheel. The acoustic guitar at the end wraps it all up like a Christmas present, one I wouldn’t return even if it were bought on Zappos.
The other track I really like is “Sun Tsunami.” It also features that super-fuzzy guitar that increasingly is defining Is/Is’s sound. And to that, I say “Huzzah.”

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