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Blasted Canyons “2nd Place”

June 3, 2012

It’s an EP, and everyone in the trio does everything. On leadoff track “Get High,” singer Matt Jones sounds like Ivan Doroschuk (Men Without Hats). That’s really hard to do by accident. There are bits of Peter Schilling in there as well. “Liquid Fiend” has a retro, Portland-power-pop sound mixed with a little P.I.L. The bass and guitar sounds like the Jolenes’s “Spare Tire Liar.” I enjoy this one as well.
Slightly noisier is “Holy Geometry.” The guitar during the bridge sounds like Operation Makeout. “Finken’s Lament” is much noisier and very experimental. I guess the different tracks are auditions for what their second LP will sound like. (This EP is a followup to their debut full-length.)
More of a Sisters of Mercy sound can be found on “Manson Eyes.” The last track is “Glass on Your Pillow” and is an amalgam of noise and goth. It’s a bit too disorganized to work, but then it’s the last track, and that’s what you do at the end, so whatever. They probably end their live sets with this one as well.

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 126, 21 September 2011 Playlist

September 21, 2011

Blasted Canyons, Death and a Half
The Ettes, The Rules
Esben and the Witch, Eumenides
Diva, The Glitter End
Esquimaux, Dulcinea
Espers, The Pearl
Blondie, The End The End
Erase Errata, Other Animals Are #1
Evelyn Evelyn, Elephant Elephant
Eleanor Friedberger, Roosevelt Island
Eux Autres, Cover Rights
Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners, Good at Bein’ Bad
Violet Lights, It’d Be Fine
Fabulous Disaster, Next Big Joyride
Fading Collection, Five Forests
Family of the Year, St. Croix
Fanfarlo, Finish Line
Fastbacks, No Music Played
Kate Bush, Lily
Feist, Past in Present
Orenda Fink, Invisible Ones Guard the Gate
Dirty Mittens, Any Time Any Day
Fitz & the Tantrums, Darkest Street
Liam Finn + Eliza Jane, Won’t Change My Mind
Karmacoda, Love Will Turn Your Head Around
Sarah Fimm, Violet
The Fiery Furnaces, South Is Only a Home
Fereshta, Motherland
Florence + the Machine, Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Flashing Red Airplane, It’s a Long Way Down When You Know Your Way
Count Fleet, Favorite Fiction
Fonda, I Will Remember You
Free Kitten, Strawberry Milk
Metal Mother, Vices
Edith Frost, My God Insane
Frente!, Bizarre Love Triangle
HTRK, Ice Eyes Eis
Fuzzy, Thurber
Fur Cups for Teeth, 99
Victoria George, Lately I
Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM
Lisa Germano, Sanvean I Am Your Shadow
Hannah Georgas, Chit Chat
The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Robot Boy