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Boat “Dress Like Your Idols”

July 17, 2011

I saw Boat play at the Rickshaw Stop when they opened for All Girl Summer Fun Band, a band that can ignore the hell out of me but still have my unconditional love. Boat sold handmade baseball cards, proof that they were about the same age as me as well as a sign that they were just as goofy as me. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for them because of this.
So here is Dress Like Your Idols. The lead singer is kind of like Jimmy Pop from Bloodhound Gang, but the difference is that the songs aren’t all about him. Really, this is just another power pop band with good taste in hobbies. So give “Bite My Lips” a listen, but don’t expect funny lyrics. He only sounds like Jimmy Pop.
It’s time to listen to “Forever in Armitron.” It’s very straightforward, upbeat, driving pop rock. It should get its own All-Star card or maybe an autographed insert card with a jersey swatch.
“Landlocked” is a clever song title when your band name is “Boat.” The song itself is just OK. When Boat returns to the Bay Area, I will do the best I can to see them, even without the AGSFB crutch that caused me to see them the first time.


Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 51, January 3 2010 Playlist

January 3, 2010

Hey Young Believer, Waking Up on the Floor
Juana Molina, Yo No
KT Tunstall, Hazel Black
Monkey, This Life
La Roux, Reflections Are Protection
Mirah, Gone Are the Days
Brilliant Colors, Short Sleeves at Night
Miranda Sex Garden, Freezing
Tulsa, I, Reptilian
Minipop, Fingerprints
The Starfolk, Into the Clouds
Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat
Dutch, About Today
Amy Millan, I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Easter Monkeys, Underpants
Mika Miko, Sex
Fight Like Apes, Lend Me Your Face
Meridene, Don’t Try
Manic Street Preachers, William’s Last Words
Metric, Help I’m Alive
Piney Gir, Of All the Wonderful Things
M.I.A, 20 Dollar
El Perro del Mar, Heavenly Arms
Rose Melberg, Cast Away the Clouds
N’Dambi, Can’t Hardly Wait
Mean Red Spiders, Trains and Boats and Planes
False Alarm, Horrible Life
Mekons, Love Letter
Boat, Lately… (I’ve Been on My Back)
Mecca Normal, Arsenal
Megapuss, Crop Circle Jerk ’94

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 45, November 15 2009 Playlist

November 15, 2009

Music Go Music, Thousand Crazy Nights
Patti Smith, About a Boy
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Golden Age
The Slits, Kill Them With Love
Parlour Steps, Soft Lies
Sleater-Kinney, Get Up
Karen O and the Kids, Heads Up
Sleeper, Sale of the Century
Speakeasy Tiger, Limbs
Nancy Sinatra, Momma’s Boy
Typsy Panthre, Hitch-Hiker
Silversun Pickups, Three Seed
The Lower 48, Bedroom
Sing-Sing, When I Was Made
Pariah Piranha, Hate Beast
Sick of Sarah, Bittersweet
Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle, Officer Down
Shoe, It’s Going to Be O.K.
Boat, We Want It! We Want It!
The Shortcuts, Nothing New
Big Bang TV, Diamond
Shonen Knife, Fruits & Vegetables
Brilliant Colors, Motherland
Shellshag, Gary’s Note
Drink Up Buttercup, Even Think
She Mob, I Took the $
Joe Gideon and the Shark, Hide and Seek
Shelleyan Orphan, Dolphins
The Cribs, Cheat on Me
Tracy Shedd, Won Past Ten
She & Him, I Should Have Known Better
Sex Presleys, Heartbreak Hotel