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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 68, 20 June 2010 Playlist

June 20, 2010

Unnatural Helpers, Vox Humana
Walking Sleep, In a Dream
The Crazy Ivans, Geek
Golden Triangle, Blood and Arrow
Haight-Ashbury, Molitof
Misty Boyce, Love You Down
Emily Jane White, Victorian America
Jews & Catholics, Golden Arrow
Parallels, Find the Fire
Laura Marling, Devil’s Spoke
Nedry, Condors
Disco Doom, Call Island Tukker Moe
Excepter, Kal
Camp Out, Does It Hurt
The Joy Formidable, Cradle
Pretty Girls Make Graves, Speakers Push the Air
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Heads Will Roll
Useless ID, My Therapy
Vitamin Party, Ghost Note
Take Warning, Sanctuary
Turbonegro, Do You Do You Dig Destruction
Damone, Feel Bad Vibe
Hot Cross, Silence is Failure
Motion City Soundtrack, My Favorite Accident
Hot Snakes, XOX
Bouncing Souls, I Think That the World…
The Shocks, Humanabfall Aus Bonn
Rancid, Let Me Go
Bombshell Rocks – From Here And On
Chixdiggin- I Wanna Hump You
The What Ifs – Close Call


Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 67, 13 June 2010 Playlist

June 13, 2010

Shearwater, Runners of the Sun
The Disco Biscuits, Widgets
Lali Puna, Rest Your Head
The Dead Weather, Die by the Drop
Gin Wigmore, Too Late for Lovers
Club 8, Western Hospitality
The Newloud, Rubberman
Walking Sleep, What We Forgot
Golden Triangle, Neon Noose
The Secret History, Johnny Anorak
Casey Mecija, Dear Prudence
Soundpool, Makes No Sense
The Joy Formidable, The Greatest Light Is the Greatest Shade
Camp Out, Make Myself Sick
Unnatural Helpers, Sunshine/Pretty Girls

Camp Out “Closer”

May 24, 2010

I bet the bassist snuck into the recording studio when no one was looking, because the bass is turned up super-high on these tracks, but it works!
This record has a Portland/San Francisco sound, and it does not surprise me that they are in fact from the city by the bay. Minor bits of Glitter Mini 9, Ramona the Pest and even Sleater Kinney come together and give you some fun rock ‘n’ roll to listen to. “Make Myself Sick” is very simple musically, but it’s like a gin and tonic. Keep that Tom Collins mix and fancy glass away, please. I don’t need anything fancy to please my ears. I’d rather have something made right.
“Does It Hurt” touches on that retro sound that people seem to be enjoying these days. Having a synthesizer in your band will do that. It sounds fine. It would sound better at the Ivy Room in Albany. It kind of sounds like INXS, actually, with guitar straight out of All Girl Summer Fun Band.
“Bones” isn’t about the TV show or my ex-girlfriend’s cat, either, but it does have the same upbeat feeling as Sub Debs, which I can be happy about.
I’d like to suggest that when they play live that they face each other. I bet it would create a dynamic that would grab the audience’s attention, similar to what Shellshag does.