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Dirty Dishes “The Most Tarnished Birds”

April 15, 2012

Not Dishes, who I miss tremendously. But Dirty Dishes are from Boston, so that’s something to be excited about as well. The first track is “Hush” and has nothing to do with the sound of the Red Line gliding effortlessly on the tracks.
“Gaze” is awesome and reminds me of when Tanya Donelly was the guest singer on Catherine Wheel’s “Judy Staring at the Sun.” Actually it’s better than that. I’ll always be a Donelly fan, but sometimes she used her voice as a crutch. Jenny Tuite certainly could do the same, but she doesn’t.
But the track I like the most is “Bloom.” It sounds like Juliana Hatfield’s “Dying Proof” with bits of Neko Case (yes I know she is not from Boston) mixed in. I absolutely freeze when I hear this, and it has something for everyone. Even noise fans will want to hear this.
The single-word titles continue with “Break.” It’s a bit more somber than the rest. The last track is “Blur” and sounds a little like Letters to Cleo. Those that want more of the mid-’90s Boston sound should look no further.