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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 132, 16 November 2011 Playlist

November 17, 2011

Gringo Star, Make You Mine
Melt Banana, I Hate It!
Rose Melberg, Another Cup of Coffee
Emblems, Coyotes
Mia Doi Todd, Under the Sun
Metric, Stadium Love
Prince Rama, Incarnation
Metal Mother, Vices
M.I.A, Boyz
The Big Scary, Summer
Amy Millan, Wayward and Parliament
Me Talk Pretty, Brokenhearted
Caitlin Rose, For the Rabbits
Meridene, Everyone’s Waiting
Mike and Ruthy, Rise
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, A Star Over Pureland
Rose Melberg, The Orchard
Mr. & Mrs. Muffins, The Ladybird’s Theme
International Waters, Green Lights Forever
Mirah Yomtov Zeitlyn/Ginger Brooks Takahishi & Friends, While We Have the Sun
Holly Miranda, Forest Green, Oh Forest Green
Ohbijou, Echo Bay
Juana Molina, Micael
The Lower 48, The End
Cheyenne Marie Mize, Not
Minipop, Fingerprints
Terra Lightfoot, Sleep Away the Winter
Mother Mother, Getaway
Morcheeba, Mandala
Hess Is More, Creation Keeps the Devil Away
Gaby Moreno, Intento
Emilie Mover, Dance All Night
Girl in a Coma, Smart
The Mood Swings, No Place to Hide
Monkey, Walking on Coals
The Muffs, Sad Tomorrow
My Brightest Diamond, Inside a Boy
Katie Johnson, How Could She Know Anything
Music Go Music, Thousand Crazy Nights
Mum, Illuminated
The Do, Dust It Off
Mumford & Sons, Awake My Soul

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins “The Raindrop Dance & Other Songs About Love”

September 11, 2011

Low-key stuff with a lot of accordion but not in the Weird Al way. Maybe this is stuff you play at cocktail parties. It’s not particularly jazzy, but it heads in that direction at times. Very innocuous in every way possible.
Some tracks are instrumentals, but “The Ladybird’s Theme” has maracas but not in a bossa nova way. Good music for when you have bubbly-gum in the old push-broom. All the tracks, by the way, start with “The.” There are no The The covers, however.
It’s hard not to say this band sounds like Corpus Callosum, but just because someone has an accordion doesn’t make it so. Well, I’m making the comparison anyway. Too bad.
“The Painter” has some chanting and harmonizing. It’s very pretty and has a Japanese air to it, like those Arling and Cameron songs when there’s no synths and they just fart around.