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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 43, November 1 2009 Playlist

November 1, 2009

Chromeo, Nice ‘n’ Clean
The Godshills, The Unclean Spirit
Headlights, Telephones
Tender Trap, Oh Katrina
Parlour Steps, As the World Turned Out
Te, Poem Is Just a Lovely Solace Shared by a Master of the Sick-Minded and the Solitary
Gossip, Heavy Cross
Blair Tefkin, Looks Like Love
The Slits, Reject
Tegan and Sara, I Can’t Take It
Hey Ocean, Moving On
Tara Jane O’Neil, Pearl Into Sand
Talulah Gosh, Talulah Gosh
Music Go Music, Warm in the Shadows
Maria Taylor, Ladyluck
Blue Rabbit, Separate
Superchunk, Knock Knock Knock
Shonen Knife, Na Na Na
Suran Song in Stag, Polybucket Radio
Imogen Heap, Bad Body Double
Summer Cats, Wild Rice
The Hot Toddies, HTML
Sugarcubes, Hit
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, Blanchard
Sub Debs, She’s So Control
Polaroid Fame, When I’m With You
Stereolab, Analogue Rock
Johnny Marr, Run in the Dust
Stereo Total, Vive le Weekend


Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 42, October 25 2009 Playlist

October 25, 2009

Dutchess/Duke, Makes It Hard
Jenny Toomey, Breezewood, PA
Tiny Animals, Answer Me
Tracy + the Plastics, Quaasars
The Ettes, I Can’t Be True
Rokia Traore, The Man I Love
Romana Falls, Salt Jack
Touch My Rash, Wasting Life
Madison Park, Another Yesterday
Tom Tom Club, (C’mon) Surrender
Times New Viking, No Time, No Hope
Travis Pickle, Born Again
Juliana Hatfield, We’re Not in Charleston Anymore
Mary Timony, The Owl’s Escape
The Pneurotics, Roses
Tilly and the Wall, Cacophony
Blue Rabbit, Sleep
Tiny Vipers, Outside
Hey Ocean, Too Soon
Times New Viking, The Wait
Music Go Music, I Walk Alone
Tiger Trap, Treasure
Imogen Heap, Earth
Tilt, Annie Segall
Karen O and the Kids, Building All Is Love
The Ting Tings, That’s Not My Name
Polaroid Fame, Wanna Know
Throwing Muses, Bright Yellow Gun
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson, I Don’t Know What to Do
The Thermals, I Let It Go
That Dog, Did You Ever
The Bad Plus joined by Wendy Lewis, Barracuda

Polaroid Fame “We Live Your Life”

October 18, 2009

This sounds like an ’80s cover band where you don’t know any of the songs they are covering. Or if you had been listening to the ’80s Underground on KSCU, and you recognize all the rhythms, but none of the songs ring a bell.
This band is likely a lot of fun live. They have no shame about the music they create. You don’t act embarrassed when you name your band “Polaroid Fame,” two words that individually define the 1980s. I suppose “Atari Porky’s” was already taken.
“Wanna Know” sounds like Wang Chung. And I bet lead singer Frankie Kimpton is always telling people to relax. “When I’m With You” has the hand claps you’ve been looking for.
“Caught on Film” sounds a little too much like Duran Duran, who did “Girls on Film,” of course. You have to draw the line somewhere. This was a little too blatant to me.
But otherwise, it all works pretty well. I mean, God knows we don’t have enough real 1980s CDs in the $1.99 bin at Rasputin, so we might as well pay $10 for a new one, right?