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Various Artists “Music That Changes the World”

July 31, 2011

This is from the David Lynch Foundation. You know him as the Twin Peaks guy. Most of these names are already familiar to you, so I’m not going to waste your time. Here are the ones that stood out to me, however.
The Jakob Dylan/Daryl Hannah duet, “Won’t You Stay,” sounds exactly as you would expect it to. It sounds as if they really enjoyed recording this one. Maybe someday he’ll invite her up on stage to improvisationally perform it.
If you ever wondered what happened to Arrested Development, well, at least for five minutes they recorded “Let It Go” for this comp. It sounds like any other R&B song, but good on them for still putting it together.
Peter Gabriel is timeless. Here is a good excuse to listen to a different song of his. It’s “Curtains,” I tells ya. The Heather Nova track is a live recording of “Doubled Up.”
The Tom Waits submission, “Briar & the Rose,” is recorded live and pretty good. Maybe he’s doing a Bruce Springsteen impression. Maybe that’s what Waits sounds like. Maybe it’s a Springsteen cover. I won’t pretend to know, and I won’t look on the Internet. I want you to see how ignorant I am.
Slightly Stoopid give you the obligatory reggae track, “Wiseman.” The Neon Trees song is “Animal.” Even I know that song.
Au Revoir Simone pick up the rear with “The Boys of Summer.” Remember Bryan Adams? Is it a cover? Oh yes.

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 37, September 9 2009 Playlist

September 9, 2009

Madness, Bingo
The Decks, DTC
The Del Toros, Can’t Be Yours
The Nocturnes, Back Curran
Dear Nora, This Is Not a Test
Dealership, All the Kids
Liam Finn & Eliza Jane, On Your Side
Dead Can Dance, Ariadne
Dance Hall Crashers, We Owe
Florence & the Machine, Dog Days Are Over
Damone, Tonight
Tom Waits, Goin’ Out West
Cub, My Flaming Red Bobsled
Amy Millan, Finish Line
Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits, Tainted Love
Julee Cruise, Until the End of the World
The Jezabels, Unmarked Helicopters
Cranes, Don’t Wake Me Up
The Concretes, Tjyven (The Thief)
The Woodlands, Until the Day Dims
Concrete Blonde, God Is a Bullet
Coralie Clement, Sono Io
Regina Spektor, Two Birds
Cocktail Slippers, Anything You Want
Club 8, Say a Prayer
The New Up, Dear Life
Cocteau Twins, Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops
Cock and Swan, Morning’s Window
The Shortcuts, Nothing New
COCO, Much to Learn
CocoRosie, Bloody Twins
Falcao and Monashee, Teleportation
Cibo Matto, Beef Jerky
Civet, Extra
Lightning Dust, Honest Man
The Muffs, My Awful Dream
Chop Chop, Fed
Jenny Choi, Driving
Polynya, Fields
Book of Love, Getting Faster
Blake Babies, I’m Not Your Mother
Cinnamon, A Northwest Passage
Chicklet, Threshold
Suddenly, Tammy!, Bound Together
Talbot Tagora, Solar Puppets
Neko Case, Margaret vs. Pauline
Royalchord, Too Easy
Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard, Barbarian Horde
The Rocking Horse Winner, Tomorrow