Casper & the Cookies “Modern Silence”

More male-female harmonies but with more of an edge. Maybe not. This isn’t edgy music, but there is more attitude than what you’d expect from a name like “Casper & the Cookies.” “You Love Me” sounds like it should be in an Old Navy commercial, except if it did all the clothes would jump off the racks and revolt against the store’s security guards.

Sometimes you don’t know when an act has made it until you hear other acts like it. And if you’ve ever heard a Ting Tings song, then you will begin to have an idea of what Casper & the Cookies bring to the table. “Sharp!” definitely could be covered by them. Or maybe they are covering them. You just don’t know.

Sometimes a keyboard takes over the song in that “not a dance song but can be danced to” way. “Song Across the Sea” does this. I think the Steve Winwood-inspired vocals tell us that this song is going to be played in a Macy’s by 2012.

And sometimes a song takes over an entire album so much that you could care less about the other tracks. And that’s what happens with “Little Lady Larva.” This song must be fantastic live. They should open for Liz Phair. Her fans would love this.

But you can’t care less about the other tracks because they’re good too. “Moldy Flower” is a fun little number, but it gets lost amid the competition. Try to seek this one out. It sounds like a white guy pretending to be Prince, but that makes it good, promise. “Meredith” is Fastbacks meets Rush. These songs are all a little different, and they’re all good.

“Sunshine Girl” has nice keys and strong female vocals. It’s also very solid.


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