Headless Heroes “The Silence of Love”

This is a disappointing album because so many tracks are misses when they should all be hits. It’s as if half of them have vocals mixed by one producer, with the rest mixed by another.

“Just Like Honey” is an example of a great song. It’s a step above farmers market folk song singer/songwriter crap. The singer has real range, and she sounds relaxed and confident. I suppose you could say her voice sounds, well, just like honey.

“See My Love” is just a little too crazy for me. It sounds like Halou in a squeezebox. I can see why it’s buried at the end of the album. “To You” is a little whiny and self-piteous.

There are plenty of good tracks though. “Blues Run the Game” has that same relaxed sound. “The North Wind Blew South” is exceptionally lush (and Lush) in its sound. It also has the best musical accompaniment on the album.


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