Zap Mama “ReCreation”

I guess this is what they call “world music.” It’s very good for what it is. I am just too uncultured to be able to appreciate it fully.
“The Way You Are (featuring Bilal)” is a solid R&B effort with a twist. I think my mom would enjoy this record because she took a bunch of Afro dance classes at a junior college in the 1970s. They were free. All junior college was free. And then Proposition 13 passed. And now the state is bankrupt. I am sure that is just a coincidence.
A lot of these songs are featuring somebody. A bunch of somebodies that I don’t know, for the most part. But “Drifting (featuring G. Love)” features G. Love! It’s not just a clever name. No Special Sauce here, but it’s still nice to see some accompaniment by such a big name.
There is another big name contributor on this album. “African Diamond (with Tony Allen and Meshell Ndegeocello)” has a nice beat. Maybe it’s because it’s with those guests and not featuring them. There is a difference, you know.
“Chill Out” ends the album and has some fun little keyboards. This album is fairly well constructed, and I would play it at a cocktail party when all the guests have nicer cars than I do (which isn’t hard to do by the way).


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