Kristina Morland “Pidgin Music”

Kristina Morland has me whipped into a fine frenzy on “Pidgin Music.” This album actually has a real Pinoisepop feel to it, although I think Morland wala paki alam about that. But the vocals and musical style remind me of an acoustic Sixes and Sevens or Moonpools and Caterpillars. Grey Anne, too, especially on “Day Dream.” This music is very beautiful.
“Echo Charting” is another winner, using all kinds of instruments that someone more cultured than myself would recognize. Oh, the liner notes. Violin and clarinet. Sure. That could be this! It has a very accessible sound; that’s the point.
“Silence” is the last track and is a subdued version of the rest of the album, but is still a fundamentally sound track, and it reminds me of what Ruby’s Leslie Rankin would do when she didn’t feel like being crazy. It really happened, once or twice.
You can’t go wrong with any of these tracks. High-quality vocals and musical accompaniment make for a quality listening experience.

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