Radagun “Life Lessons”

Holy shit. The first track, “Not the One”? Has the same melody and beat as “Three Small Words” by Josie and the Pussycats. This cannot be an accident. It’s too similar. Holy crap I can’t believe it. Of course I like the song. If it were Noelle LeBlanc from Damone singing instead of Kay Hanley it would be the same thing.
This album confuses the hell out of me. “Check Me Out” is the splitting image of a “From the Attic”-era Damone track with the musical accompaniment of a Kelly Clarkson song. You know who’d like this? Dakin. You know who else would? Me.
But the reason this album confuses the hell out of me is because it is completely overproduced (hence the Kay Hanley and Damone references), yet I had to manually enter the track information in iTunes. Why would you spend so much on production when you’re self-releasing an album? It boggles the mind.
This could have been on my top 10 of the year (no link intentional), but it released in mid-December. To quote Gary Radnich when he quotes that other guy, who does that? But seriously, this entire album is great. It is the direction emo was going in until all the guys in that scene remembered that they were insecure and got 50 piercings and tattoos and started screaming. But for five minutes, this was where emo was headed, and I was damn excited.
Another great keyword for this: This album reminds me of Rocking Horse Winner, whose album “Horizon” just might be my album of the decade (no link intentional again). But this review is about Radagun, and they are awesome… dare I say, no. I don’t dare say it.
“Lie to Me” slows it down a bit and again sounds a lot like Damone. “Dear Self” adds the disco beat that a lot of today’s new music has. They’re playing with a stacked deck here. It sounds better than, say, Metro Station because they’re better than Metro Station. It seems that they made this track because they were told to, though. Well, it is what the kids like, I guess. “Party Girl” does this too. Same music style as bis but with less-frenetic vocals.
And it goes on. This entire album is fucking amazing. It’s why I don’t give up and just listen to the music I have all the time.

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