Bettie Serveert “Pharmacy of Love”

Bettie Serveert have definitely tried to keep up with the times. This presentation is almost completely modern and sounds little like the efforts that made them famous during the Clinton administration. However, it’s unforced and provides a natural transition, and that makes sense. As the band has matured, surely so has its fans. We could do well with more of these cradle-to-grave rock bands.
“Love Lee” has smart guitar and holds my hand, as if to say, “Don’t worry about those newfangled bands like Vampire Weekend and Hot Chip. The only thing you need is the new Bettie Serveert and a bottle of Zima.” We all need this kind of reassurance from time to time. I’ll admit it, at least.
“Calling” is ridiculously long but provides some entertaining psychedelic environs. This one has to be played loud; don’t argue with me. The keyboard in “Change4Me” sets it apart from the rest. Someone out there is going to hear this and think they’ve discovered some hot new band. No joke. It’s that’s fresh.
“Deny All” is good, too, as is the last track, “What They Call Love.” The songs have a distinct style to them, and if this is the direction the band is going in, then I hope they spend another 24 years together.

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