The Hush Now “Constellations”

This is a record that leaves me starstruck. The Boston sound impresses me every time I hear it, even today. The creativity musically reminds me of Talking Heads, but there is no David Byrne to distract me. If this band has an ego, they do a remarkable job keeping it under wraps.
“Fireflies” has a Northwest power pop feel to it. I guess that’s what they mean by a very accessible sound.
“Misanthrope” has a solid harmony and I guess a clarinet. I am not so good with my instruments. You should listen to this one and tell me how dumb I am. Someone has to. “I Saw You First” has the same accompaniment as a lot of Lush’s greatest. It works well with Noel Kelly’s lyrics here.
“Constellations” is the best track on an album full of great efforts. It’s time to clear off a space on the mantel for whatever goodies you want to toss their way, because The Hush Now deserve it — and how.

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