Pixies “Trompe Le Monde”

This album is so old that when it came out the president was George Bush — the first one. You might not have been alive. Maybe your mom played this when she thought you were taking a nap.
Your mom must have been pretty cool if she were doing that. Pixies were up-and-coming back then. For me, an early rendition of “Head On” is the highlight of this groundbreaking record. They sound so much younger — so much more sober — here. It’s kind of cute and kind of depressing at the same time, just like the rest of the ’90s would turn out to be.
I’d recommend “Lovely Day,” although this album taken as a whole is a nice trip down memory lane. It wouldn’t be right to favor one track over another arbitrarily. “The Navajo Know” is last and is more upbeat than the rest. The band never went in this direction, but if they had, it would have been just as good.
So bask in the goodness and put on a pair of stirrup pants while you’re at it.

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