Rudiments/Suicide Machines “Skank for Brains”

More of that mid-’90s sound. This likely came out right before Suicide Machines had their one hit, whatever it was. Maybe I am thinking of Suicide Kings.
At any rate, this is a double record with the first half featuring Rudiments and the second half featuring “Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines.” Maybe they went by that back then. I was too busy working at Arby’s in Southland Mall to pay attention to these things.
All your favorites are here. I enjoy Rudiments’ “Spoon” the most, but they all pretty much do the same thing: slightly angry, slightly-inspired-by-the-Clash ska, with subdued or nonexistent horns.
If you want horns, then turn the page over to Suicide Machines. They use the horns with near regularity. I’d say they are one laxative away from being completely regular. Sometimes they yell, too. It was the ’90s after all. “Green World” was no doubt inspired by Green Day, which I am sure is quite insulting. So be it. You can hear the happiness in the music, even when the band’s name has “suicide” in it. We were a happy bunch back then, for sure.
“Inside/Outside” is one of my faves. It could be about the cat that always wants to go out, and then you let her out, and all she wants to do is come back in. I can’t tell, because the lyrics are mixed too low, as was the style at the time.

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