Black Tambourine “Black Tambourine”

They definitely belong on Slumberland; there’s no denying that. Part C86 and part noise, this act joins other up-and-comers such as Brilliant Colors in resurrecting one of my favorite scenes. “For Ex-Lovers Only” gets this record off to a great start and makes me want to grab a Crystal Pepsi and rock out. “Black Car” has the guitar of old Nada Surf or Velocity Girl. (Indeed, a former member of Velocity Girl is in Black Tambourine.) I want to drive into the middle of nowhere so I can blast this as loud as I can.
I’ve always wondered whether Velocette named themselves after Velocity Girl, but “Pack You Up” definitely makes me think more of the former. (The difference in sound between those two bands lies in the singer anyway.) “I Was Wrong” ventures more into the Marine Research side of things, and it’s just as good. “Throw Aggi Off the Bridge” has hints of Fastbacks; I feel like I am describing a wine. “We Can’t Be Friends” sounds like Talulah Gosh, although it’s really splitting hairs to say that, isn’t it?
It’s just come to my attention that this band was only around between 1989 and 1991. Well, no wonder. Clearly they paved the way for a lot of the other acts mentioned thus far. And it also explains why this band reminds me of the Vaselines as well.
There are also a couple demo versions of two of the tracks on here. There’s just all kinds of fun loaded onto this one.

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