Kate Nash “My Best Friend Is You”

Let’s not beat around the (Kate) bush. This sounds exactly like a Lily Allen record. And the album title is not a response to an obscure the Bloodhound Gang lyric.
“Kiss That Grrrl” sounds like the Pipettes. “Do-Wah-Doo” sounds like something on the “Glee” soundtrack. It also has the same guitar as “Beautiful Stupid Angel” by the Kirby Grips, which is likely a coincidence but not something I will let slip by. Not a lot of originality here, but it all sounds good.
“I’ve Got a Secret” is more in the Sing-Sing vein, although it is a little too fast to be them exactly. This one would definitely be better if it were a little slower. “Later On” sounds like Sahara Hotnights or Republica. I think this would be a single if this album had such a thing, because it has inexplicable synths mixed in here and there. Nothing ever makes sense in this crazy mixed-up world.

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