Jackie Rocks Band “My Own World EP”

It’s an EP. “My Own World” sounds like Damone, which is fine with me, because it sounds like “From the Attic”-era Damone. I wonder whether her dad was in Pop Rocks Band. For a self-released record, the sound quality is pretty good.
“Haunted” has Magnapop melody with an Inspect Her Gadget punk rock accompaniment. It says here that the band is from Santa Cruz. I bet they’d have been featured in the old jukebox at Saturn Cafe, although it will be several years before they’ll be in the one they have now, bastards. I really miss that jukebox.
“Lost” sounds like Blondie, a little bit. The music is from the late ’90s, but the vocals are from the early ’80s. “Why Me” is slightly aimless, but for all I know this is their first effort. You put the best tracks first. That’s how it works. Looking forward to see what they do next.

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