Throat Sprockets “Lankershim Square”

The style is modern, if poppy, but the music has a very mature sound to it. Recapturing youth? Inspired by older siblings? It’s hard to tell. There’s not much of a ceiling from what I am hearing here, but the finished product is still worth giving a listen. “Sweet Amnesia” has very sweet vocals, but I forget why. There are also keyboards at the end, and I remember that I do like those.
“Desire Caught by the Tail” sounds like Picnic. Well, the whole album sounds like Picnic, but especially this one. Busy slightly alternative rock songs with lots of upbeat rhythm that belongs on a movie soundtrack. Somehow it all comes together and makes a catchy song. Somehow.
“Stop Feeding the Pig” is cute. It has oinking noises, and the lead vocals are fun to follow along with, even if they are mixed a little low.
“Cotton Fever” is the last track and also has good melody. Nothing on this album is stupendously amazing, but nothing really sucks, either. Perfect for the weekend warrior and much safer on the marriage than cheating on the spouse.

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