Crazy Mary “Water on the Moon”

When I was a kid I had a cat named Mary, and we would sometimes call her “Crazy Mary” because she would do crazy things like sit on top of a ladder and sniff my hair. And her nose was always wet. I’ll never forget that.
So despite having a dog on the cover art, I took this CD because of the band’s name. The music is standard rock ‘n’ roll, and the singing is clearly not the focus of the record. It sounds like a bunch of friends decided to make an album, and now I have to listen to it. I was expecting something with a little bit of an edge, and instead I got another Mary band, Seven Mary Three, only with a female singer. If you’re over 40, this album is perfect for you. It just screams “Generation X.”
“Orgasmic Annie” has one of those hey-look-at-me titles, but like Primus’ “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver,” it’s just a clever name. Well, I suppose Primus wrote a clever song to go with it, but all their songs were clever. Everything in life is relative. I guess if you’re going to pick a song to like, you might as well pick this one, but don’t get your hopes up.
“Way Too Freaky” is a little better but still sounds something you would hear at the Atlantis in Reno while playing Pai Gow Poker. “Soul Survivor” and “Sun Is Coming Up” are awful and serve only to make it an LP.

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