Undersea Poem “Undersea Poem”

Wow. Real singing! Real guitar and keyboards! And it’s all balanced nicely. Picture Alphaville with a woman singing. That’s just the beginning. And all the songs are really short so you can treat them like a bowl of m&m’s. Listen to a handful; they won’t mind.
The short tracks can serve as an advantage when they play live, I bet. Oftentimes when this music gets ethereal in nature, they get long in the tooth, and after six minutes of the same bassline, you’re staring at the floor, trying to stay awake. I’m looking at you, A Girl Called Eddy.
“Makes Me Happy” — do I have to say it? The singer sounds like the singer of AM60, but I know I use that one a lot. I just really enjoy that sound. Sue me.
Musically, many of these tracks go off on that Mazzy Star vibe. It’s a smorgasbord of delectable music. And there’s stuff in Spanish, too. Check out “Te Encontrar,” which means “to find you,” I suppose. Usually the reflexive, or whatever it is, shows up appended to the infinitive, but what do I care? The song sounds great.
“Leon Come Home” stands out on an album of standout tracks. Simply beautiful, as is “Driving Song.” I wish I hadn’t taken the train to work today, because then I could listen to it in the appropriate venue right now! “Come So, Morre So” sounds exactly like an AM60 song, to the point that I think it is a cover. Ditto for “You You You.” If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s the same people.
This is another top 5 nominee.

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    your right. im the singer in both bands. juju loved the two am60 songs and said not enough people heard them. so i covered myself.

    thanks for you nice words

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