Tender Forever “No Snare”

Another solid K Records act. You just can’t go wrong with these guys. Today it’s Tender Forever. There’s a bit of Rasputina here and there, but it does rock a little harder than that. “Like the Snare That’s Gone” does that.
“Nothing at All” has a Nintendo influence somehow, and I don’t mean the 8-bit fad that has come and gone. Some of the finer music on their more advanced systems comes to mind when I hear this one. I feel like I am watching a cut scene when I hear this track.
“But the Shape Is Wide” has the vocals mixed a little higher, and it works pretty well. This would make for a good single. The last track, “When I’m in the Dark and You Take the Light” is more than an exercise in accurate typing: It’s the sum of lots of high-quality harmony and melodic expression.
It’s a fun record to listen to, although nothing really grabs you by the testicles or female equivalent. It doesn’t need to, really.

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